About a year ago when I was experiencing issues with bloating and general fatigue I made a decision to dive head in and take charge of my well being under Luba’s guidance. Although I consider myself pretty informed about things like leaky gut etc I was amazed at this whole new world of health that Luba opened up for me. When Luba suggested MRT testing to check for food sensitivities we decided that my 14 year old daughter should have it done as well. I had long suspected that she was gluten intolerant and we were having some problems. Let me just say this has had such a profound effect on my teen! Learning together to really read the labels and understand what goes into our food is something I know she will keep for life. She makes healthy choices because she wants to-because she genuinely understands. The confidence that she has gained from understanding self care is wonderful. Luba has been so kind and sweet throughout this whole process, and most of all so knowledgeable. It is a joy to be able to work with you Luba, thank you so much!

As I approached and entered my 40’s I began to have signs of leaky gut as well as a feeling of low energy and often feeling down. The constant bloating after eating was painful and I also felt like my sleep was not deep. I don’t suffer from depression but seeing my body act in ways I could not seem to get under control felt downright depressing. As a mother of three girls I need my energy and as a woman I need to feel good about myself. When I love myself I am able to give love to my family, and I think this was the deciding factor for me to finally make a change. Starting on my healing journey with Luba was the best thing I have done for myself. Her knowledge and understanding of how the body works is incredible and I have already learned so much. We figured out my food sensitivities and hormonal issues-getting a glimpse of exactly what my body was doing was priceless! It gave me a clear understanding and a goal, and Luba gave me the tools and the support I so desperately needed to make an actual change. I am still on my journey but the results are undeniable. My bloating is gone, my skin is so clear and my hair loss has significantly slowed down. I can’t wait to see what the future brings. Most importantly I feel love for myself again, because I know I am treating myself the way I should be. Thank you Luba for being so warm and caring, and most of all for your passion to dig deep and get to the root of the problems. 

Maria B.


I met Luba at a yoga and health retreat and immediately fell in love with her energy, I mean who wouldn’t. Her energy, positivity, and aura are so contagious, from that weekend on I always wanted to be just like her, when people ask me who my mentor is I don’t even have to think: “It’s Luba” I scream. She is so thoughtful, knowledgeable, and has an answer for all my questions, I also love her approach to nutrition. She has a very holistic viewpoint which makes her such a great expert, she not only helps me with my food choices and nutrition but also with my whole lifestyle. My sleep, stress management, sugar addiction, my personal problems and so much more. I could keep ranting on, about how amazing she is, but in short, if you want a person who can be a light in your life, be supportive of you, show up no matter what, and be the most knowledgeable expert you can find, talk to Luba, she is amazing! 

Marietta S.


Luba really knows her stuff! She was wonderful in explaining everything and extremely patient and kind. She’s lovely and I can tell “walks her talk” with nutrition and good, healthy habits. I look forward to another session with her and/or checking in. I’ve already implemented many of her good recommendations and feel better! She’s got me back on the right track and I’m excited!
Marietta K.